As a composer, producer, sound designer, and songwriter, I pride myself on being able to write for a variety of projects at a professional level while maintaining a unique artist voice. Please scroll down to check out some of my work in different contexts!

cinematic/Hybrid orchestral


Written for the intro to the sci-fi action game, "Headwinds." Headwinds is artistically and thematically inspired by The Martian, and the music is a fun mix of Psychedelic Electronica and Epic Orchestral sounds. The orchestral elements were recorded at Sony Playstation's studios in San Mateo.

Lost Transmissions

Forbidden knowledge reel

This music was written for the upcoming film, Forbidden Knowledge by Micah Peled. The film explores MDMA as a possible treatment for PTSD, and is being supported by SF Film. The live instruments were recorded at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, and will be added shortly.




Written by Lauryn Hill, arranged by Kev Choice, all guitar by yours truly.


sound design